Welcome to the Chino Valley Historical Society!


The Chino Valley Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the heritage of Chino Valley, and educating our members and the community about the history of the Chino Valley area.

Our Mission is to identify, collect, register and protect historic buildings and sites, record oral histories, and collect written histories documents and artifacts of the area.

Are you interested in history?

There are many historical sites in Chino Valley. Many are deteriorating; some are being torn down to make way for progress. These sites need to be documented, recorded and preserved. Our pioneers need to be interviewed and their oral histories recorded.

The Chino Valley Historical Society needs dedicated members who would be willing to volunteer their time and energy to bring these projects to fruition.

The Chino Valley Historical Society has changed its meeting schedule. We now meet twice a year, in March and October, with an Annual Meeting at our Holiday Potluck in December.

The Board and others will continue working on the Cooper House Historic Preservation Project and other research.